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Manna – Food of Light – Amazon – kindle

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A Jornada Iniciática do Maná sob o olhar clínico da Transpessoal.



Manna – Food of Light

 Kindle on Amazon


The initiatory process and its implications in the process of Awakening Consciousness from the perspective of the AIT-Transpersonal Integrative Approach.




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1 avaliação para Manna – Food of Light – Amazon – kindle

  1. Randa Ali

    Testimonial by Randa Ali – Collaborator -Translation Reviewer

    As they lost hope in finding any survivors after days of the earthquake, the rescuers decided to start using heavy machinery to remove the rubble.

    Before they could start, an old woman came screaming at them : “Don’t do it. Don’t dig here with your machine, my kids are lying under the rubble in this spot.” And she pointed at the spot where she claimed her kids were.

    She was so sure and assertive, she begged them, so they had to listen to her.

    They started using their hands and some very light tools to dig down the rubble and to their surprise, there they were.

    Four siblings were found still alive and their mom saved them. The rescuers rushed to find the woman to bring her the good news but they couldn’t find her.

    Then they asked her children about her and told them the story of how she insisted on the rescue team not to use heavy machinery so as not to risk hurting them. The children reported that their mom had been dead for 4 years.

    This is not a fairytale, this is what the rescue team reported themselves.

    Other kids reported they were being fed by a being of light, other were attended to by a man who would come to them with food, sometimes water and other times, yogurt, as they lied under the rubble waiting to be rescued.

    These stories may seem as too woowoo, too esoteric, or just plain lies.

    But as a sufi, witnessing what is called miracles, is a regular part of life.

    The human experience is not excluded from the spiritual dimension. In fact, it’s only our ego that perceives it that way.

    This is what I learned through Monica Lampe’s book : Manna – Food of Light.

    Monica describes in this book what would seem a perfect explanation for the kids being fed keeping them well sustained till their rescuers showed up.

    Monica discusses the process of receiving Manna – food of light and how it can sustain our body, heart, and soul.

    I love her inclusive perspective on the subject discussing it from many angles.

    I highly recommend this book to anyone who wants to learn about receiving Manna as a healing modality. The process is supported by explaining the transpersonal psychology’s approach on the subject in addition to many case studies of participants going through this process of receiving Manna.” – Randa Ali – Feminine Resilience Coach

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